Massimo Cerruti: Variation and change in Italian: a ‘double standard’ situation


20.06.2024 um 16:15 Uhr


After a brief overview of the recent development of new standard varieties in many European languages, the focus will fall on the emergence of a new standard variety of Italian, so-called ‘neo-standard Italian’, and the resulting co-existence between this newly-emerged standard and the traditional, literary standard variety of Italian. Drawing on the results of previous studies, it will be argued that (i) each standard variety is actually used, and serves as a reference model, more in some public domains than in others (for example, the literary standard still serves as a reference model in school education but has been overtaken by the neo-standard in spoken and written media), and (ii) each standard variety differs from the other on the basis of typologically relevant linguistic features; this will be an opportunity to elaborate on the coexistence of different typological configurations in (the standard norm of) the same linguistic system.