Workshop „Romanian in the context of migration“

CfP: Workshop „Romanian in the context of migration“ at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich

City: Munich
Abstract submission deadline: 2020-03-31
Start: 2020-07-17
End: 2020-07-18
As a result of migration, over 25% of Romanian L1-Speakers now live outside of Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Many second-generation speakers have also added to that number. The main areas of settlement in Europe are Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and France; outside of Europe they include the United States, Canada and Argentina. As a result of this situation, there are numerous different types of language contact, not only with the various Romance languages, but also with languages which differ significantly in terms of genetic heritage and typology. This contact opens up a wide variety of research perspectives in the fields of systemic functional linguistics, variationist linguistics, sociolinguistics and also cognitive linguistics. The aim of our colloquium is to provide scientists working on related issues with a forum in which they can exchange and present their projects.
We look forward to receiving your abstract submissions (max. 300 words, including references) by the
end of March 2020.

Workshop languages:
German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.
Date and location of the workshop:
17-18 July 2020
Internationales Begegnungszentrum der Wissenschaft Munich (IBZ)
Amalienstraße 38
D-80799 Munich
Aurelia Merlan (