Didactics (Subject Pedagogy) for Romance Philology

Deutsche Version: Romanische Fachdidaktik

Students who seek to professionalize in teaching French, Spanish or Italian (see the Institute for Italian Philology) at secondary school level during their studies can obtain a certified teaching degree preparing them for the subject-specific requirements of teaching Romance languages. Later in their course of studies, students complete classes in language didactics, that connect their university studies to the teaching profession by reformulating philological knowledge in terms of concrete teaching practice.

Didactics integrates knowledge of subjects in Romance philology (linguistics, literary studies and language studies) into professional research concerns within education science (psychology, general pedagogy and primary school pedagogy) and thus prepares teacher students to create successful instructional scenarios for the classroom. Therefore, courses in Romance language didactics (in the form of introductory courses, seminars, colloquia and examination prep courses) cover topics from general questions of teaching and education, such as equality in education, competence oriented education, and motivating teaching approaches to the specifics of foreign language education such as communicative language teaching, methodological concepts for inter- and transcultural learning and multilingualism as well as the development of analytical skills for engaging with Romance language texts, films and digital resources. The primary rationale here is to empower students to achieve an accessible teaching- and education-focused transfer of scholarly subject matter from their studies in Romance philology to teaching practice in secondary education contexts.

In accordance with the requirements set by the Bavarian Ministry of Education (Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Unterricht und Kultus), the LMU Institute for Romance Philology provides courses of studies for the following subjects and subject combinations:

  • French for Realschule (combined with German, English or geography) and French for Gymnasium (combined with Spanish, Latin, German, English, Geography or History)
  • Spanish for Gymnasium (combined with French or English)
  • Italian for Gymnasium (combined with English) – see our partner, the Institute for Italian Philology.