Romance Studies at the LMU Munich

Deutsche Version: Romanistik an der LMU München

The Institute for Romance Philology at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich is dedicated to the study and research of Romance languages and the literature written in them. The Institute represents Romance Studies in all its breadth and historical depth, from the Middle Ages through to modern and postmodern times. We consider it our task to continue the research traditions of Romance philology that compare language, literature and culture, and to expand them to include examination of new media and modern cultural studies approaches. In doing so, we help to shape the field of Romance studies on a national and international level.

The LMU Munich is one of the few locations where Romanian can be chosen as a main focus, in addition to the world languages of French, Spanish and Portuguese. Furthermore, there are regular courses in regional Romance languages such as Catalan, Occitan, Galician and Sardinian. Naturally, we also offer Italian, for which the LMU has its own dedicated Institute of Italian Philology.

The privileged position enjoyed by the Institute of Romance Studies is particularly beneficial to its students. We offer a wide range of subjects and a broad spectrum of teaching, which allows students to develop their own individual interests and areas of specialisation. In addition to the bachelor’s degree in Romance Studies, the research-oriented master’s degree and the Lehramt programme for French and Spanish, the Institute’s departments are also involved in interdisciplinary study courses and structured doctoral programmes. The Institute for Romance Philology at the LMU in Munich is well-networked throughout Europe and America, and offers students of the subject ample opportunity for national and international exchanges.