Romance Language and Cultural Studies

Deutsche Version: Romanische Sprachpraxis und Landeskunde

Well-grounded skills in at least one Romance language are an indispensable prerequisite to engaging in qualified professional research and teaching in all areas of Romance linguistics or literary studies. By completing practical courses in the individual Romance languages, students can achieve up to level C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is deemed equivalent to “nearly native speaker level”. The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München offers its students a comprehensive, unique and philologically-oriented practical education in individual Romance languages and many regional variants. Students systematically gain skills in grammar, vocabulary and stylistics through a wide variety of language courses. Building thereupon, students are trained to develop exacting speech faculties and produce sophisticated compositions in the respective language, as well as to perform translations, primarily from the Romance languages into German.

In addition to mastery of the language itself, a deep understanding of the cultural context in which that language is spoken is essential for successful communicative engagement. Intercultural knowledge and competency, therefore, also play a central role in practical language education. Educational courses and events in geography and cultural studies provide an overview of the histories, societies and cultures of Romance language-speaking realms. Naturally, the spread of the Romance languages such as French, Spanish and Portuguese throughout the world, particularly in Africa and the Americas, is also examined.

The LMU Munich strongly recommends that students spend time abroad to complete their language education. The Institute for Romance Philology maintains relationships with many universities and institutions in Europe and overseas. These allow students to go abroad within the framework of various exchange programs (Erasmus, DAAD), an internship, or as a foreign language assistant at an institution of continuing education.